An Interview About My New Book, #StrongKids

Recently, I did an interview about the new book that my daughter, Naomi and I wrote for kids. While I am a new children’s book author, I’m not new to children! As a mom of four, I know the struggles I had raising emotionally healthy kids. It’s not easy helping them to navigate their thoughtsContinue reading “An Interview About My New Book, #StrongKids”

3 Ways to Change the Mood in Your Home

When my kids were young they spent summers “playing school.” With Naomi as the “teacher” the foursome spent time in the basement “learning.” Here’s Naomi’s version of what took place: “I kindly suggested (read forced) my siblings to play school with me. When I think back, it’s strange why four children, with everything in theContinue reading “3 Ways to Change the Mood in Your Home”