Color Your World!

I’ve got a confession to make. I love to color. Coloring relaxes my heart and mind! Whenever I feel stressed or have a moment waiting for an appointment, I color. (Don’t laugh)!

In my coloring book, lions are green, clouds are pink and butterflies soar in multiple hues. The BEST part is that in my coloring book, I don’t have to color inside the lines! I don’t have to conform to what is and what is supposed to be. Every crayon, every colored pencil is used to bring to life the characters and scenes on each page. My rules are the only rules! My perspective is the only one that maters. Grizzly bears can be cute and girlie. Trees can be purple. And everyone is smiling because everyone in my coloring book is loved by me.

Our lives could be and should be like the pages of a coloring book. Outlines of possibilities. Sketched characters waiting for our crayon to bring them to life with explosions of color and life.

Today I dare you to color your world. Take the colored pencils or crayons of your mind and go for it. Dare to dream again! Step out into new possibilities! Look at what could be instead of what is! Replace the blue of depression or sadness with the vibrant glow of orange! Turn bad into glad and can’t into can!

Color your world (and DON’T stay in the lines)!

Published by Jennifer Keitt

Host of PowerHer Radio, she’s been a radio personality for over 30 years. PowerHer Radio offers tips for work-life balance, and covers topics like “Developing Your Executive Presence,” “Raising Great Kids,” and “The Benefits of Gratitude,” a series based on Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky’s book “The How of Happiness,” and “Fears that are Holding You Back,” based on the writing of therapist Dr. Amy Morin. It talks about the fear of change, of loneliness, of failure, etc. She’s also the co-founder (with her daughter Morgan) of the Keitt Institute, a nonprofit that has three major focuses: StrongGirls (for high school juniors and seniors), Books and Bosses (for college women), and PowerHer Experiences which targets adult women. Jennifer’s a certified Human Behavior Consultant, an Executive Life Coach, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education with a concentration in Educational Psychology. She has four grown children.

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